Software Development

I have participated as programmer, senior programmer, analyst or project manager in a series of software development projects. Some of them are the following:

  1. Design and Development of various Web Applications and Services in various research and development programs 
  2. Digital Encyclopedia Science & Life. Senior analyst.
  3. Development of the central web site of ATEI and other web applications.
  4. Design & Development of e-commerce applications 
  5. Design & Development of DVDROM Multimedia encyclopedia Science & Life.
  6. Development of CDROM Lexicon Science & Life
  7. Design & project manager in the development of a voice web browser for Blind people.
  8. Development of various IR Tools. 
  9. Design & development of a Multimedia CD ROM about Painting. 
  10. Design & development of multimedia educational applications

I have large experience in developing server-side applications using ASP, PHP/MySQL, CMS of various types, C/C++ as well as programming front ends using HTML/Javascript/CSS/AJAX. I also have very large experience in developing desktop applications using .NET and the Windows API.

Also, extensive experience in the design, development and evaluation of interfaces using both qualitative and quantitative methods.



Argentinierstrasse 16: A Novella


My book on Web Programming


Edited Book (2019)

Deparment of Information and Electronic Engineering, International Hellenic Univesrity Sindos 57400,Thessaloniki - Greece
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